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We know trust is hard to come by.
That's why, as a small family business, we make it easy.
You'll always get exactly what we promise and we wouldn't expect you to accept any less.
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Jay McClintock

Loves and I mean LOVES fishing on ice. Winter can't come soon enough. Good thing here in MN it's 9 months out of the year!
Call me:(952)252-4130

Andrea Donovan

You know what I really love? Long walks on the beach, with my dogs and Cabin Air Filters. I love that fresh clean air!
Call me:(952)252-4131

Jason Evangelista

Did you know you can make an entire tent out of pig mats, duct tape and zip ties? I didn't either, My family uses an R.V.!
Call me:(952)252-4135

Angie Cleve

Turn up the hair band radio and lets talk about some Carborundum! My kinda talkin! Abrasively abrasives!
Call me:(952)252-4158

Barbara Riley

You know what they didn't tell you about country girls? That we know all the CRC Chemicals you need in your shop.
Call me:(952)252-4151

Candice Dawson

I'm Minnesota nice an' all but if you try to hug me Imma freak out! I'm Just saying... let's talk washers and clips; Never hugs
Call me:(952)252-4145

Carrie Sterner

What's worse than NOT having horse hair on your shirt and little pasture apples on your boots? A filthy cabin air filter! Gross; don't let that happen...
Call me:(952)252-4144

Jill Heimer

All about them bulbs bout them bulbs no LED. Yep I'm fun and sassy. Just wait, you'll see I'm a double threat Minnesota lady! With stories to boot, You Betcha!
Call me:(952)252-4146

Abby Dossey

Let me light up your cloudy day! We have tons of bulbs and my smile will do you one better. You'll be able to hear it when you call me! Talk to you soon.
Call me:(952)252-4132

Jamie Kerwin

Nothing like an engine air filter to make your customers car purr like a kitten! Speaking of... ask me about my furr babies! You like the pic of my tabby?
Call me:(952)252-4165

Sydni Parks

Call me:1-800-844-3008

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