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CRC Fuel Therapy Diesel Injector Cleaner with Anti-Gel - 30oz bottle

Use this product when weather reaches 50 degrees or below to prevent diesel from waxing and clogging the fuel system.

Top-Tier Cleanup w/max treat. Excellent winter protection. Adds Lubricity to low sulfur fuel. Prevents diesel fuel from gelling in cold temperatures. Lowers pour point by as much as 35°F. Cleans injectors and helps restore spray pattern for more efficient combustion. ULSD Approved. OK for Biodiesel fuels.
Increases MPG. Cleans injectors. Prevents corrosion. Improves power. Reduces smoke. Stabilizes fuel.

This emissions reducing formula is rated "SUPERIOR" in Cummins L-10 Test for injector cleanliness. Lowers pour point & CFPP, reliquefies gelled fuel, adds lubricity, increases power and MPG.

Treats 125 Gallons

For use in diesel engines.