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Gotta love us some furry family!
Key word "FAMILY!"

So this is Jamie's crew!
Chief (Left)
Taco(Tabby upper Left)
Lastly, Snoopy (Bottom Right)
Quite the crew to
come home to every day!
Gotta love the furr babies!

Meet Stanley... He's not a steamer but we still love him anyway!
He's the newest of the crew.
He's alongside our favorite Andrea and the old faithful Twister.
They went to roam in the badland for a sweet vacation!.

This is Remington. He goes by Remi.... His humans are Sarah and her crew.
He just turned four and as you can see he isn't just a yellow lab;
He's a "sunny" lab... Cause just one look and he'll brighten up your day!

Elmer seriously we told you to stay out of the deep end of the reef!
Now you're Shark Bait Ooh Ha Ha!

Jason realized that Max ain't no puppy no more! How they grow so fast!

This is Simple Jack...
He is a Black lab/ border collie mix, 6 months old. He chews on stuff (Jill said a similar word), shoes, books, He actually eats Homework!!! He like to run fast and jump high! "Olympic Dawg" . He inhales his food in a matter of 25 seconds and he LOVES treats!
Oh yeah, his humans are Jilli Jilli and her fam.. Say hello!

Birthday Bash
This is Charlie, he wants a treat dag namnit!

Birthday Bash
What up Dodge?! This is Carrie's boyfriend's dog, He runs the show...

Birthday Bash
Nothing cuter than a girl and her horse... Reagan and Sassy!

Birthday Bash
Nice Birthday Suit Twister... 63 dog years young!

Birthday Bash
Yoga is exhausting! Happy Trails Rescue puppy.

Birthday Bash
So cute!

Is this really a thing?
Harness your chi Diesel. Own it!
Awesome Dog Gorgeous Bird
Awesome Dog Gorgeous Bird! Diesel and a T-Bird...
Job Please?!
I'm interviewing to be a therapy dog... wish me luck!
So excited
Andreas boredom means Twister and Diesel need some more facial expression!
Even humans ride this train!
It's exhausting ripping your friends face apart! Diesel be tired...
Pure Talent
Twister rocking a Dock Dogs competition at Lambeau Field, so cool!
Even humans ride this train!
Even humans ride this train!
Sleeping on the job is dangerous!
Sleeping on the job is dangerous!
Liam and Chloe
Houston's son Liam with Chloe!

Long day at work for Polaris
Long day at work for Polaris!
Life is ruff at Metro
A ruff day at Metro for Klaus
Jason's new dog Max
Jason's new dog, Max!

Frank and PJ
Frank and PJ

Elmer under the movable desk
Might have troubles moving the desk down!
April and Abby
April (left), Abby (right)
Funny Farm Crew
Funny Farm Crew
The McClintock Labs
Twister going home
Twister going home!
Leinie Rider
Henry and Sparklepants
Barb's Henry and Sparklepants!

Candice's dog, Jasper!
Stella the Frenchie
Steve and Vicki's Frenchie, Stella

Elmer, CatEO
Elmer, Cat Executive Officer of Metro!
Jason's puppy Max
Jason's puppy, Max!
Angie's dog, Dozer
Angie's dog, Atlas
Arnie and Fran
Arnie and Fran on the Funny Farm
Official Metro Greeter, Belle
Official Metro Greeter, Belle
Rosie and Maybelle
Rosie and Maybelle!
Steve with Belle, Gus and Stella
Steve with Belle, Gus and Stella